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At LaFevor & Slaughter, our family law attorneys give each and every client the personalized attention they deserve. When it comes to legal issues, whether family or personal, we understand the unique and special challenges these matters require. We help our clients find long-lasting solutions to their legal problems, and represent their best interests only, as well as those of their children.

Family law and divorce concerns

LaFevor & Slaughter handles a wide array of divorce and family law issues:

Modification and Enforcement of Orders – Certain parts of your divorce decree can be modified, depending on the circumstances. If your ex isn’t holding up their end of the decree, there are steps to take to enforce those orders, too.

Child custody — Representation in disputes over legal and physical charge of children during and after divorce designed to look after a child’s best interest so that they can get the best from both households.

Adoption — Services to ensure that adoptions go smoothly and meet all the legal requirements of the State of Tennessee so that you and your child can happily start enjoying your new family without having to worry about all the legal hassles.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements — Negotiation and drafting documents that safeguard assets in the event of a divorce.

Legal separation — When you are not quite ready to get divorced, but know it is time to live apart, a legal separation can protect assets and parental rights without terminating a marriage

Alimony — Negotiation and litigation of fair spousal maintenance awards

Guardianship and special needs planning — Assistance with planning for minors, incapacitated adults, and adults with special needs in order to protect the government benefits to which they are entitled as well as the assets left to them by their loving families.

Child support — Negotiation, modification and enforcement of payments to maintain children during and after divorce to make sure the child is receiving all the financial support they need and making sure that everybody is paying what the law requires while insuring the paying parent gets a fair shake under the law.

Domestic violence and orders of protection – Representation regarding restraining orders, and protections for domestic abuse because no one should have to be afraid for their personal safety or subjected to threats to their property. However no one should have an order of protection entered against them under false pretenses either.

Property division — Representation through the process of equitable distribution of marital property during divorce.

Contempt actions – When you need help enforcing your divorce agreement or child custody plan because the other party is not doing what they agreed to do, or they are refusing to follow a court order.

Military family law – Special consideration for service members in divorce, child custody, property division, and other matters

Paternity – Establishing paternity is important for many reasons, including issues regarding child custody and child support. Children deserve to have both parents in their lives and every parent should enjoy the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of being a parent.

Wills and powers of attorney — Advice and drafting of testamentary documents for purposes of succession and instruments for exercising authority for the welfare of loved ones so you do not have to worry about what is going to happen to your family members when you can no longer be there to protect them.

Immigration – The U.S.A. is the land of opportunity. In addition to our family law services, we help immigrants on their path to citizenship, and in their goal of reuniting families by helping them follow the correct and legal immigration path so they can start their journey toward the American Dream.

Some family law matters can be resolved out of court, with the help of our experienced and compassionate attorneys. However, some simply can’t. And when that happens, we’re not afraid to go to court to get the job done. At LaFevor & Slaughter, we’re smart, reasonable, and we don’t stop working to get a successful result. We know how important your family is to you, and we treat you like you’re our own.

We stay up and worry – so you can sleep easy at night.

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