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The decision to end your marriage often comes only after the painful realization that it cannot be resolved. The legal process should not add salt to your wounds. While no attorney can take all the pain out of your divorce, LaFevor & Slaughter can relieve your stress and anxiety, protect your rights and help you establish a firm foundation for the next stage of your life. Our firm offers years of legal experience, predominantly in family law. We capably and compassionately manage all aspects of divorce proceedings, including:

Most folks are familiar with the old admonition, “We can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way.” If you believe you and your spouse can reach agreement on the issues connected to your divorce, such as alimony, child custody or visitation, child support and property distribution, you can negotiate a settlement agreement through.

When the court approves your settlement, you are granted an uncontested divorce. LaFevor & Slaughter works with one or both spouses to reach fair, comprehensive and lasting settlement agreements that meet the standards of the courts in Tennessee. We can represent you in traditional negotiations with your spouse’s lawyer or meet with both of you to mediate your settlement.

In a contested divorce, the issues that you and your spouse cannot settle must be argued in court and decided by a judge. Patrick Slaughter provides skilled representation to protect your rights during this often-difficult process.

No-fault divorce in Tennessee

Petitioners for divorce in Tennessee can declare grounds for divorce, which creates a public record of their spouse’s alleged physical or moral failings, or they can request a much quieter no-fault divorce. No-fault divorce asserts irreconcilable differences, which the respondent spouse either declines to deny or confirms by signing a divorce settlement agreement. In marriages without minor children, a break in cohabitation for two years (often formalized in a legal separation agreement) is sufficient evidence of irreconcilable differences. Our firm helps clients choose the most amicable divorce process possible and facilitates the transition from legal separation to absolute divorce.

Questions about Tennessee divorce

Divorce is often a time of upheaval where everything in your life is changing and not always for the better. When you have legal questions about the divorce process in Tennessee, a skilled Knoxville divorce attorney from LaFevor & Slaughter will answer them and offer legal guidance as you dissolve your marriage and plan a better more vibrant future.

I am getting divorced. Am I required to hire a lawyer?

You are never required to hire an attorney to handle your divorce, but chances are your spouse is hiring an attorney, which will put you at a distinct disadvantage throughout the entire process. Even divorce lawyers hire another lawyer to represent them in a divorce.

Will I get spousal support in my divorce?

Spousal support (alimony), which is a payment that one spouse makes to the other while the divorce is in process and after it is final, is never guaranteed in divorce. There are four different types of alimony in Tennessee and there are many factors that determine whether the court will award alimony. Your Knoxville divorce attorney will advise you about whether you might be awarded spousal support.

Can I get temporary spousal and child support during the divorce process?

If your spouse has filed for divorce and moved out of the house, you might be in a panic trying to figure out how you will handle all the expenses on your own. Your attorney can file a motion for Pendente Lite Relief (Latin for “pending the litigation”), which is temporary spousal and or child support. The court may assign your spouse to pay pendente lite support while the divorce proceeds through the court system.

How does the court divide a business in Tennessee divorce?

Tennessee follows the equitable distribution model for dividing assets in divorce. Given that only marital assets are subject to asset division, the court might first determine whether the business is a separate or marital asset. Even if one spouse started the business prior to the marriage, the other spouse may have some financial interest in it. Dividing business assets in divorce is complicated. An experienced Knoxville divorce lawyer will determine the value of the business and help you to negotiate a fair resolution.

Can I get custody of the family dog in the divorce?

While you probably hold a great deal of affection for your pet, Tennessee law considers them property. If you can work out an agreement about who gets the pet that would be best for all concerned, but since you are in the middle of a divorce, that might not be possible. It may come to the point of negotiating with your spouse about who gets the pet along with all the other property that will be divided in the divorce.

Knoxville lawyers experienced with military divorce in Tennessee

Military personnel contemplating divorce face challenges due to state residency requirements and the complexity of dividing military pensions. Our firm founder, Jim LaFevor, is a United States Army veteran who is sensitive to the stresses of life in the service. In gratitude to our men and women in uniform, LaFevor & Slaughter continues to offer discounts for active duty military.

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