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Fair allocations and aggressive enforcement

Although Tennessee has fairly specific child support guidelines, the court has latitude in determining what it views as an appropriate amount. So, the final child support determination is generally a mixture of objective calculation and the subjective weighing of competing interests. To protect yourself under such circumstances, you need an attorney who can thoroughly evaluate financial data and present your case in the most favorable light. LaFevor & Slaughter argues cases where contested finances are front and center. Our meticulous preparation assures that we get the numbers right, while our ability to convey your human story enables us to deliver your best possible result.

Attorneys enforcing your child’s right to be supported

Although child support, like alimony, is paid by one spouse to another, the beneficiary of the payment is the child, who has a personal right to be supported by both parents. For that reason, parents cannot settle child support in advance, as they would a guardianship as part of estate planning or in prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Parents should rise above personal animosity for the good of their children. If you are a non-custodial parent who is debating whether to withhold payments because your ex has not lived up to other parts of your divorce decree, you should know that the court will not look kindly on that form of self-help. You will be much better served by retaining an experienced divorce attorney who can represent your grievances before the court.

If you are a custodial parent and your ex is delinquent with child support payments, LaFevor & Slaughter can help. Courts in Tennessee have the power to garnish wages and order that state tax refunds be withheld from parents who fail to pay child support. Misdemeanor criminal charges can also be brought against deadbeat parents, and a conviction could lead to six months in county jail.

Court-ordered benefits for minor children

As with a guardianship, the court may impose additional requirements for the good of a child. The court may require that one parent carry health insurance for the children and/or a life insurance policy naming the children as beneficiaries to ensure their maintenance if the parent were to pass away before the children come of age.

Contact thorough and reliable Knoxville child support attorneys

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