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Nov 20, 2019

How Do You Come to the US Legally?

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America is still the promised land for many people throughout the world. There are rules and procedures that must be followed to enter the country, let alone stay or become a permanent resident of the U.S. If your relatives, spouse, or friends want to come to the U.S. to visit, work, or live, they need [...]

Oct 23, 2019

What Are E-Visas?

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Are you an investor or treaty trader from a foreign country? If so, you can only come to the United States if you acquire an E-visa. (An E-visa is not short for “electronic visa,” by the way. It’s just the letter the US government uses to categorize these types of nonimmigrant visas.) The E is [...]

Aug 28, 2019

What is Moral Turpitude?

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Through much of our nation’s history, the U.S. government has leveraged the criminal justice system to deport immigrants already in the country and prevent other immigrants from entering. Immigrants have traditionally been held to high moral standard through laws that cover certain types of crimes involving “moral turpitude.” This term first appeared in the 1891 [...]

Jul 31, 2019

How Long Should It Take to Process Your Green Card Application?

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Many immigrants are concerned about how tighter enforcement of the laws may affect their applications for US citizenship through the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). According to USCIS, there are several ways to apply for a “green card,” more formally called a Permanent Resident Card. Generally, applicants need a sponsor, and they must fill [...]

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