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Oct 18, 2017

How Virtual Visitation is Changing Co-Parenting in a Digital Age

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Virtual visitation uses Internet technologies such as video conferencing using Skype, Hangouts, Face Time and other video calling apps to help keep the connection strong between parents when they live far apart. “Virtual visitation” is a way for divorced parents to communicate with their children via electronic means." (IBLS) While Utah was the first state [...]

Oct 4, 2017

Federal Judge Rules DOJ Cannot Punish Sanctuary Cities by Blocking Public Safety Grant Money

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In July 2017, the U.S. Department of Justice said that it will withhold federal grant money for law enforcement from cities that refuse to allow federal immigration authorities access to their jails. This was yet another volley in the back-and-forth conflict between President Trump and the sanctuary cities throughout the United States. A sanctuary city [...]

Sep 21, 2017

At What Age Can a Child Choose Which Parent to Live with After a Tennessee Divorce?

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Tennessee parents who are getting a divorce must decide who will be the primary residential parent, and who will have parenting time visitation with the child. However, if the parents are unable to agree on child custody on their own, a judge will make the decision for them. Sometimes when a family is breaking up, [...]

Sep 6, 2017

President Trump Ended the DACA Program with a Six-month Delay, Leaving DREAMers in Limbo

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On Tuesday, September 5th, in a press conference at the Department of Justice, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that President Trump will be ending the DACA program, the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, with a six-month delay in implementation. The DACA program, which President Obama created as an Executive Order, contains protections for [...]

Aug 23, 2017

Co-Parenting Tips for Starting the School Year Off Successfully

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Kids are busy these days. They have band practice, Tae Kwon Do classes, dance classes, play dates, doctors’ appointments and baseball practice just to name a few of the extra-curricular activities that kids are involved in. There are also parent-teacher conferences, and school activities that you must coordinate with your ex so that you can [...]

Aug 9, 2017

San Antonio Human Smuggling Tragedy Leaves 10 Dead

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The horrifying story of a tractor-trailer crammed with people being suffocated to death in the broiling heat of a Texas summer day likely pricked at the hearts of everyone who heard about it earlier this week. Each one of those 100 people—all undocumented immigrants from Mexico and Central America – risked their lives, and in [...]

Jul 26, 2017

Two for Two from AIOFLA: Congratulations, Patrick Slaughter, on Your 10 Best Award!

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We are thrilled to announce that our own Patrick Slaughter has been recognized by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys with the Two Years 10 Best Family Law Attorney for Client Satisfaction award! Being named among the “best” for anything is always exciting, though none of us are too surprised. Patrick is a dedicated [...]

Jul 12, 2017

Divorce, Dissolution, Separation or Annulment: Which is Best for You?

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If you’re like most folks who are considering the end of their marriage, you’re probably getting a lot of advice (wanted or not) from friends and family, and checking out a lot of blogs and stories online. This means you’ve probably seen the phrases “dissolution,” “annulment” and “separation” used interchangeably with the word “divorce.” We [...]

Jun 30, 2017

What Does a “Bona Fide Relationship” Mean for Your Travel Plans?

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So, you’re ready to come to America to be with your family, but the news seems to change every day. Can you still travel to the U.S.? Will you be allowed to stay? Let’s start at the beginning. As of today, everything that has gone into effect is temporary: The Supreme Court has ruled that [...]

Jun 21, 2017

Factors in Tennessee Child Custody Decisions

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In all Tennessee child custody cases, the court encourages parents to work out a custody plan that is in the best interests of the child (children). If an agreement cannot be reached, the court will decide what solution works best. Tennessee has two types of custody. Legal custody addresses which parent will make the health [...]

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