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Attorneys ensuring equitable distribution of marital property

In a Tennessee divorce, marital property is subject to equitable distribution, which means that the court decides who gets what and how much, based on its concept of fairness. While the court tends toward compromise, its view of what’s fair may offend one spouse or the other. How your property is divided will have a profound impact on your future, so it’s vitally important to have a qualified and experienced attorney representing your interests.

The Law Offices of LaFevor & Slaughter has vast experience in equitable distribution negotiation and litigation for marital estates of various sizes. The more assets you have in question, the more you must rely on your family law attorney‘s ability to advocate on your behalf. We give your estate the personal attention it requires, working carefully with you throughout the distribution process. A Knoxville attorney understands the many factors the court considers in deciding what is equitable, and we employ those factors as we vigorously assert your property rights.

A four-step process for Tennessee equitable distribution

Under Tennessee divorce law, property division has four distinct stages:

  • Identification — The assets owed by one or both spouses must be found. This sometimes requires a bit of detective work, as a spouse anticipating divorce may transfer or hide assets.
  • Categorization — Each asset must be listed as separate or marital property, depending on when and how it was acquired. Generally, property obtained before the marriage or through gift or inheritance during the marriage is separate property. Marital property is any property acquired by either spouse during the marriage, including retirement benefits, even if they will vest after the termination of the marriage.
  • Valuation — The marital assets must be appraised and their fair market value assigned. This can be complex for certain financial instruments and any property whose value is speculative.
  • Distribution — The marital assets must be awarded to one spouse or the other. Non-liquid assets and ongoing businesses pose special challenges, especially if giving such an asset to one spouse cannot be offset with awards of remaining property to the other spouse.

LaFevor & Slaughter provides quality representation at every phase of the process to ensure your fair treatment. Whether we’re negotiating with opposing counsel or litigating in court, we focus all our resources on achieving your best possible result.

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