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The last thing you want is for your divorce to damage your relationship with your children. Still, conflicts between parents can spill over, causing confusion in a child’s mind that threatens your bonds of affection. LaFevor & Slaughter understands your need for a consistent and reliable child custody schedule. We put forth solutions that allow your child to receive emotional support and parental guidance during this transitional period and beyond. Our years of legal experience ensures that your parental rights are well-represented as we negotiate a custody plan to serve the best interests of your children. Though terms of a guardianship can be laid out in advance as part of estate planning, child custody cannot be settled prior to a divorce in prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

Variations on Knoxville child custody orders

Tennessee courts consider a variety of factors to formulate a custody plan that advances the best interests of your children. Most of these factors relate to past performance as parents and the relationship each parent has already established with their children. Following divorce, the court has two forms of custody to decide:

  • Legal custody — the decision-making authority regarding the health and welfare of the child
  • Physical custody — the responsibilities related to providing shelter for the child

Each type of custody can be held by one parent (sole) or shared by both (joint). With joint legal custody, one parent may be given the final decision-making authority in cases of an irreconcilable disagreement. Types of custody can be mixed and matched, so that one parent may have sole legal custody while both share joint physical custody. A non-custodial parent can still obtain generous visitation rights.

Combating alienation of affection in Knoxville child custody

One of the most contentious issues of child custody and visitation is the suspicion that one parent is attempting to undermine the other’s authority or somehow sabotage that parent’s relationship. This suspicion often arises when a child refuses to meet the other parent for scheduled visitations or exchanges of custody. If you suspect your ex-spouse is tampering with your relationship to your children, we can help. The Tennessee courts take very seriously any attempt by one parent to alienate a child from the other. LaFevor & Slaughter works aggressively to ensure that custody and visitation schedules are enforced so that you can enjoy uninterrupted parenting time leading to a nurturing and fulfilling relationship.

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