Assistance for Tennessee Clients in Complex Divorce Proceedings

Skilled representation for business owners and clients with substantial assets

Divorce is complicated, even when both parties are in amicable agreement. When a couple has particularly substantial assets, however, the process of dividing those assets can lead to some additional challenges. At LaFevor & Slaughter in Knoxville, we offers comprehensive counsel for clients whose property and assets add another layer of complexity to their divorce proceedings. When you need practical, competent counsel, we are ready and able to help.

Dividing assets in a divorce

Tennessee is an equitable distribution state, so all property and assets are divided justly or equitably (not equally) between two parties. This means that a 50/50 split is not guaranteed. When you and your spouse have spent a lifetime building a business or a collection, asset division can become more complicated. LaFevor & Slaughter provides thorough counsel for clients whose property includes:

  • Multiple real estate properties, including vacation homes and rental properties, in Tennessee or around the world
  • Bank accounts
  • Trust funds
  • Pensions, retirement plans and 401Ks
  • Stock options
  • Copyrights and/or intellectual property and patents
  • Family-owned businesses and/or shares
  • Executive compensation plans
  • Any and all retirement accounts stemming from service in the United States armed forces
  • Valuable collections of arts, antiques, classic cars, etc.

We offer business valuation services through third-party providers to ensure that all sources of income are legally, properly and justly established, and work with outside investigators when clients believe that their spouses are hiding assets from them.

Proactive and preventative care

One of the more effective ways to ensure that your property is divided fairly is to sign a pre-nuptial agreement before you marry. In this way, you and your spouse can ensure that family legacies or property brought into the marriage will end up where it should in the event of a divorce. A pre-nuptial agreement also ensures the safety and protection of any children who were born before your marriage, as certain assets and properties can be designated for them in the document. If you and your spouse are already married, you may wish to consider signing a post-nuptial agreement, which functions is much the same way as a pre-nup. Our Knoxville divorce lawyers are always happy to explain these options to you, and to answer any questions you may have.

Experienced and practical counsel for clients in a complex divorce proceeding

Are you making too many concessions when it comes to dividing your assets? At LaFevor & Slaughter, we can help you protect what is rightfully yours. To schedule a consultation with an experienced Knoxville divorce lawyer, please call us at 865-637-6258 or contact our office.