Maryville Alimony Lawyers

Maryville Alimony Lawyers

Helping spouses obtain fair spousal support orders in Maryville

Often, when spouses divorce, one spouse has a significant financial advantage over another spouse based on that spouse’s ability to earn a living. Alimony helps ensure a level playing field during a divorce, immediately after a divorce, and until the spouse who earns less can acquire quality job-earning skills. Some alimony awards may last for a spouse’s lifetime if one spouse can’t earn a living. At LaFevor & Slaughter, our Maryville alimony lawyers fight to ensure a spouse isn’t financially penalized by seeking a divorce and that the correct amount of spousal support is paid. We’re skilled at obtaining temporary and long-term alimony orders.

How do your Maryville alimony lawyers argue for or against alimony?

In many households, just one spouse works. Even when both spouses work, one spouse is likely to earn much more than the other spouse. Alimony is a way of leveling the field so that both spouses can start their new lives on comparable financial footing.

Temporary alimony pendente lite ensures that the more financially secure spouse can’t force the other spouse into a bad divorce settlement.

Different types of alimony help ensure that a spouse who earned much less, who devoted her/his time to caring for the children, or devoted her/his time to supporting the spouse who developed a career can start her/his life with a proper level of financial help.

At LaFevor & Slaughter, our Maryville spousal support attorneys explain what types of alimony can be awarded, the factors that determine the type and amount of alimony, and when alimony awards can be modified or ended. We’re especially adept at showing the financial status of each spouse and their abilities to earn a living.

What are the different types of alimony in Maryville?

Tennessee has different types of alimony depending on the financial fortunes of each spouse and many other factors. Depending on which spouse our family lawyers represent, we seek to obtain the maximum amount of alimony Tennessee allows or to limit alimony as much as possible. We also explain what happens if you and your spouse have a prenuptial agreement that predetermines the alimony issues.

  • Alimony pendente lite. We seek this type of alimony on behalf of a spouse who needs to pay the mortgage, rent, and other bills while the divorce is pending. Spouses shouldn’t feel pressured to settle their property division rights, child custody, child support, and other alimony rights because they have less money than the other spouse.
  • Alimony in solido. This type of alimony is also called lump-sum alimony. Alimony in solido (a fancy Latin term) essentially is a way for the court to balance out an uneven division of marital property. This type of spousal support is a one-time payment.
  • Transitional alimony. Transitional alimony, as the name says, helps spouses transition to a single life. There are regular payments for a short time. The shorter your marriage lasts, the more likely you’ll receive transitional alimony instead of longer-term alimony.
  • Rehabilitative alimony. This type of alimony is awarded to help the lower-earning spouse obtain the education, training, and skills necessary to join or reenter the workforce.
  • Alimony in futuro. This alimony is long-term alimony. These spousal support payments are ordered when one spouse is unable to earn a living due to a disability, being out of the workforce for too long, or for other reasons. The payments are normally made regularly for years or even decades.

Spouses may be bound by any prenuptial or postnuptial agreements made that predetermine how alimony should be handled in the event of a divorce.

What factors do your Maryville alimony lawyers assert for spouses seeking and paying alimony?

Alimony isn’t automatically authorized. You need to ask for it and justify your claim. Our Maryville alimony lawyers will assert your right to alimony or defend any claim for alimony based on the financial status of the spouses.

The factors that determine what type of alimony can be awarded and what amount can be awarded vary depending on the type of alimony. Some of the common factors that affect alimony claims include:

  • The age of each spouse
  • How long the marriage lasted
  • The health of each spouse
  • The standard of living of the spouses
  • The income, assets, and debts of the spouses
  • The ability of each spouse to earn a living and the potential for future earnings
  • Any prenuptial or postnuptial agreements
  • The contributions of each spouse to the marriage
  • Whether there were grounds for the divorce
  • Other relevant circumstances
Alimony Lawyers Maryville Tn

Alimony orders can be negotiated between the lawyers. The spouses may reach an agreement through mediation or a collaborative divorce. Otherwise, the family court judge will decide what type of alimony to award and how much.

Can a spousal order in Maryville be modified?

Generally, lump sum and short-term alimony awards are not capable of being modified unless there is some element of fraud or duress involved.

Alimony in futuro may be subject to modification if the financial circumstances of either spouse substantially change, such as when the payor spouse is laid off or becomes disabled.

Alimony in futuro ends when the spouse receiving alimony remarries or when either spouse dies.

How are Maryville alimony orders enforced?

In Maryville, if a spouse fails to pay alimony according to any court orders, the spouse who is receiving alimony can file an enforcement action through our family lawyers to force your ex to comply with the alimony order.

A judge, after a hearing, may enter a judgment in your favor for the amount of arrears. The judge may authorize that the payor’s tax refunds be seized, liens be imposed on your ex’s property, that your ex’s wages be attached, and apply other remedies including the possibility of holding your spouse in contempt which may result in jail time.

Do you have a Maryville alimony lawyer near me?

At LaFevor & Slaughter, our Maryville spousal support lawyers meet spouses at our office located at 317 Ellis Ave., Suite 317. We conduct video conferences when you can’t take time off from your family’s needs or work needs. We’ll explain your rights and promptly answer all your questions. Our family lawyers have helped many spouses obtain fair and equitable alimony orders.

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Spouses who sacrifice their careers for another spouse deserve fair compensation. Spouses who can work should be encouraged to work. At LaFevor & Slaughter, we’re skilled at helping spouses understand the full financial positions – short-term and long-term – of each spouse. We negotiate and litigate spousal support orders that truly reflect the needs of the spouse requesting alimony and just payment for the time spent supporting the other spouse and raising a family. Please call our Maryville spousal support lawyers or complete our contact form today to schedule a consultation.