5 Common Reasons Couples Divorce

5 Common Reasons Couples DivorceEveryone goes into a marriage with the best of intentions: ‘til death do us part, and happily ever after. Most couples know that a strong and stable marriage takes work. However, some couples give it their all and the marriage has simply run its course for one reason or another—and it’s time to think about divorce.

Because every couple’s marriage is unique, every couple’s divorce is unique, too. There are some common issues, though, that our Knoxville family law attorneys tend to see often with our clients. If any of these feel familiar, you might want to talk to a divorce lawyer about your options.

Reasons couples split

Following are five common reasons married couples commonly separate and divorce.

  1. Money. Finances are one of the top reasons couples seek marriage counseling, as money and bills can cause a lot of stress. A lack of money or even a gap in how much money each partner contributes can lead to power struggles or imbalances within the relationship. This can cause problems in the marriage that may be hard to repair.
  2. Infidelity. Extramarital affairs have ended many marriages. Infidelity doesn’t have to just take place face-to-face—with the prevalence of social media platforms, it can take place via Facebook, text messages, and any other number of ways. The reasons why a partner might cheat are personal to each couple, but for many, infidelity is the biggest betrayal a person can face, and it may be the closing chapter on a relationship.
  3. Constant arguing. Nonstop bickering is a red flag. Many couples in troubled relationships typically repeat the same arguments, whether it’s the kids, work, money, or chores. When two people can’t see each other’s point of view, arguments don’t get resolved and resentment can grow. If a couple refuses to see eye-to-eye, they may be in danger of divorce.
  4. Lack of intimacy. We sometimes hear a client describe their relationship with their spouse as “like roommates,” or that they spend little time interacting. This lack of intimacy does not have to be just physical; it also means a strong emotional connection. In most successful marriages, both partners feel loved and special, and if they both don’t feel intimacy, the marriage may be in trouble.
  5. Substance abuse. Another unfortunate reason couples divorce is due to alcohol or drugs. A dependence on alcohol or drugs can put an entire family in danger—addiction changes a person’s priorities, and not for the better. Substance abuse is a common reason clients file for divorce.

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