Handling Post-Divorce Issues in Knoxville

Modifications of decrees and court-approved settlements

The goal of divorce negotiation and litigation is to arrive at a workable and lasting settlement. You should not consent to terms that conflict with your long-term plans unless the court decides they are necessary. However, life doesn’t stand still. You and your spouse may agree on all important points and arrive at a tidy divorce settlement, only to have circumstances beyond your control disrupt your life and make your settlement unworkable. The Law Offices of LaFevor & Slaughter can help you negotiate or litigate reasonable modifications to your divorce settlement based upon changed conditions. We can also defend your settlement against attempts by your ex-spouse to make unreasonable changes that infringe on your rights.

Common troubles: relocation and child custody

One of the most difficult post-divorce issues is a relocation of the custodial parent. While no one wants to deny their ex-spouse an opportunity for career advancement or a new relationship, moving children out of town or out of state may put a heavy burden on the non-custodial spouse trying to maintain a meaningful relationship through regular visitation.

LaFevor & Slaughter is committed to defending your parental rights and advancing the best interests of your children. We can advise you on the best course to take, given your particular circumstances and the quality of your relationship with your children. While we prefer to negotiate a solution and save you the time and expense of going back to court, we are fully prepared to seek a court-ordered modification that would allow a move or an injunction to block the move. Like child support, custody cannot be negotiated ahead of time in prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

Alimony and child support modifications for economic hardship

Alimony orders represent the court’s best guess about the spouse’s finances as they go forward. The court may believe a dependent spouse will have light caregiver duties and so be free to work. Then one of the children could become chronically ill, making work outside the home impossible. The court might assume the supporting spouse will continue to work, when in reality he or she is laid off. They might expect the dependent spouse to find work at a certain rate, which turns out to be drastically higher or lower than expected. LaFevor & Slaughter helps spouses who need modifications to support orders because of changed economic circumstances.

Enforcement of alimony and child support in Tennessee

Failure to pay support is a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in county jail. But the court has means short of incarceration to compel deadbeat parents to pay. For instance, the court can garnish wages and withhold state tax refunds. LaFevor & Slaughter can supply the remedy that fits your particular circumstances.

Contact a helpful and experienced post-divorce conflict attorney

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