What Should I Look for in a Knoxville Divorce Lawyer?

What Should I Look for in a Knoxville Divorce Lawyer? If you’re reading this, then it is likely that you are going through one of the most difficult periods of your life: getting a divorce. Not only is this experience a stressful one, it’s a costly one. That is why when you are looking for an attorney, it is important that you choose one that suits you best. With a little research, you can make sure to save some anxiety and emotional labor (and maybe even a few dollars) by choosing the right lawyer.

So the question then remains: what qualities should you be looking for in a Knoxville divorce lawyer? Honesty and transparency, cost (or how resources are spent), and clear and constant communication are all important when it comes to choosing your divorce attorney. We’re going to break those qualities down for you today.

Five qualities a good Knoxville divorce lawyer should have

While there are many aspects or characteristics that a good lawyer should have, we are going to focus on just a few here. The last thing you want during this difficult time in your life is a bad lawyer. With a good Knoxville divorce lawyer, your divorce is far more likely to wrap up as easily and as smoothly as possible.

  • Honesty: No one wants a lawyer who is going to lie to you, even if they are nice sounding lies. Your attorney needs to tell you up front the reality of the situation. That means telling you when to settle or when to litigate, and when to compromise. You need to know which battles you’re probably not going to win, and what assets you are likely to obtain or lose.
  • Finances: It’s important to note that while attorneys do cost money to hire, they are well worth it if they can make your divorce as quick and simple as possible for you, based on your circumstances. You want your attorney to be transparent about their costs, and firms like LaFevor & Slaughter do exactly that. (Remember the honesty thing we just mentioned? This is part of it, too.) We respect your money, and the work you put into making it. Our contracts always outline what we charge and when exactly we expect to be paid. Not only that, but we won’t charge you for an hour long phone call if the call only lasted five minutes. That’s because we bill our phone calls in six minute increments. We will always try to save you money if we think we can do that, whether that’s through negotiation instead of litigation or by having one of our non-partner attorneys help us with the basic paperwork.
  • Clear communication: A lawyer who hardly keeps in touch with you is a frustrating you-know-what. After all, you certainly aren’t paying him to keep you in the dark about your own divorce. It is important to look for an attorney who not only talks to you about what is happening, but also listens to your needs and wants. That said, it’s also important that this clear communication works both ways. You have to tell us when you need something, and you have to understand that sometimes, we’re going to tell you things you don’t want to hear (re: honesty) because you have to hear them.
  • Compassion: Some lawyers are cold and business-like. They come in, get the job done, and leave. Which is fine if that’s what you’re looking for. But we think it is also important that your lawyer cares for you and your experience throughout this process. We can’t promise you you’ll get everything you want – say it with us, now: honesty! – your lawyer can do their best to serve you so that you can at least go home at the end of the day and sleep soundly.
  • Experience: There are many different sorts of lawyers out there. Criminal lawyers, defense attorneys, divorce and family lawyers, and so on. While it might seem easy to point at a lawyer and say “That one!” not all lawyers are the same. Make sure to get a divorce lawyer specifically, though having someone with experience in other areas of practice might help, too. (It gives them a unique perspective.) Still, your attorney should have plenty of cases under their belt. While many newer attorneys can do good work, and may cost a little less, you want someone who knows the intricate ins and outs of the divorce process. They should have experience with handling situations that are similar to your own.

Fortunately, the attorneys of LaFevor & Slaughter have all of these qualities. Not only do we look to save you money where and when we can, but we are here for you when you need us. We listen to our clients’ needs, whether that’s in person, through email, or on the phone. We make ourselves available to our clients so that if they have a question, we’re there to answer it.

What’s the most important quality in a Knoxville divorce lawyer?

There is really only one quality a divorce lawyer should have, and that’s a willingness to prepare. With great preparation comes the increased likelihood of a favorable outcome. When lawyers take on too many cases or just haven’t spent the necessary time on your own case, that’s when you’re most likely to be unhappy with your results. Divorce cases require a lot of preparation even when both sides are still pretty good friends. You deserve a lawyer who takes that seriously.

At LaFevor & Slaughter, we only take a limited number of cases at a time so that we can properly focus on you. Not every case that comes across our desks or walks through our door gets accepted, either. This way, we are prepared to help our clients when they need us. There won’t be any interrupting phone calls during our meetings with those who have sought out our professional help.

For years, our law firm has taken on divorce and family law cases time and time again. We could tell you all about the cases we’ve won, but will that change your mind? You’re not here for that; you’re here to find a divorce lawyer who will actually care about you while offering you counsel and advice during this stressful and frankly annoying time in your life. We care about what you care about. The Knoxville divorce attorneys at LaFevor & Slaughter are the legal professionals for the job. Perhaps you think your divorce is too complicated, too fraught with conflict or too big — well, it isn’t, and we’re here to help show you that and do the hard work on your behalf. You’ve got plenty to deal with already. To learn more about how we can work to get you the most out of your alimony agreement, call us today at (865) 637-6258 or use our contact form.


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