What Is the Parenting Education Seminar?

What Is the Parenting Education Seminar?Divorce sucks. It is not a fun or easy process, but it is often a necessary one. A divorce may happen simply because two people no longer feel the same as they did when they first married, or because of some other factor such as abuse or adultery. Whatever the case, when this happens, it’s best to seek all the help you can get so that you and your children can undergo this experience with as little trauma as possible. The Parenting Education Seminar is a great resource that is available to Tennesseans to help all parties involved in the divorce get through the process in a healthy and knowledgeable manner.

The Parenting Education Seminar is a series of classes that a divorcing couple attends in order to learn information that is meant to help them undergo the divorce process, as well as offering them tools and knowledge for them to help their children through the traumas of the divorce. “The seminars ‘educate parents concerning how to protect and enhance the child’s emotional development and informing the parents regarding the legal process. The seminar[s]… include a discussion of alternative dispute resolution, marriage counseling, the judicial process, and common perpetrator attitudes and conduct involving domestic violence.’”

How long is this parenting seminar gonna take?

In Tennessee, you have to go for a minimum of four hours. But the judge may require that you go for longer. It depends on your case.

Do I have to take the parenting seminar?

You sure do! Tennessee law § 36-6-408 says that if you have a permanent parenting plan in place, you must attend one of these seminars. Furthermore, “A parent who does not complete the required Seminar may be held in Contempt even if the divorce decree has been issued. Contempt of Court may involve a jail sentence.” And if you think that family counseling or other family therapy counts, it doesn’t. The focus of those sorts of sessions is different from the focus of the Parenting Education Seminars.

How much is this parenting seminar gonna cost me?

While there is no predetermined set cost for the seminar, in some judicial districts there might be several different seminar providers that a parent can choose from. These different providers have their own costs and fees, and some may even provide a sliding scale based on your income. If you cannot afford the seminar, if you provide proof of extreme poverty, the Court may waive the costs for you.

Do I have to go with my soon-to-be-ex, or can I attend the seminar alone?

You can go together if you want to, but it’s not required. Normally, both parents do not attend the same Seminar. In areas where there are few seminars, one parent may be able to attend sessions in an adjoining county or judicial district in order to meet the requirement of attending. The minor children do not attend the seminar, however, there may be specific other programs available for your children about how a divorce will change their lives.

If you’re looking for where to go to attend one of these parenting seminars, your local Court Clerk can offer you brochures or pamphlets, and these materials will have the locations, times, costs, and any contact information concerning these seminars. If you want to attend the next available seminar, you need to contact the specific provider.

Since I’m attending these courses, do I need a Knoxville divorce lawyer?

You legally don’t have to hire a lawyer for anything, when it comes down to it, but it certainly makes the process a whole lot easier and smoother, especially if your partner will likely have a divorce lawyer themselves. If that’s the case, then you really need a lawyer. If your partner has an attorney, then they have all the knowledge and experience of someone who knows the law like the back of their hand at their beck and call, and will likely use that to get all of the assets they can get from you, perhaps even winning custody over any children the two of you might have together. It is in your best interest to get an experienced Knoxville divorce lawyer on your side, and fast. Not to toot our own horn (though we love doing so), we have helped thousands of people over the years, securing them assets and money that they might not have gotten had they not sought our help.

Listen, we know this is a costly, stressful, and downright annoying time for you in your life right now, and we want to help. We are a transparent and knowledgeable team of experienced attorneys who will fight for you in court, but will also make sure you can go to sleep at night a little more easily. You are our number one priority. With the Parenting Education Seminar, and the help from one of us at LaFevor & Slaughter, you are equipping yourself with the right tools and armor to help you and your children through this divorce.

LaFevor & Slaughter is the legal team you want for you and your family. No divorce is too complicated for us as we’ve been in this business for years, so we know what we’re doing. You’ve got plenty to deal with already. To learn more about how we can work to get you the most out of your divorce, call us today at (865) 637-6258 or use our contact form.


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