Are you an investor or treaty trader from a foreign country? If so, you can only come to the United States if you acquire an E-visa. (An E-visa is not short for “electronic visa,” by the way. It’s just the letter the US government uses to categorize these types of nonimmigrant visas.) The E is simply used to identify the type of visa required for your visit to the United States. E-visas are must be reacquired every two years, and cost $460 in filing fees each time you renew the visa.

Who is eligible for an E-Visa?

Per U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (UCIS), “The E visa category includes treaty traders and investors who come to the United States under a treaty of commerce and navigation between the United States and the country of which the treaty trader or investor is a citizen or national. This category also includes Australian specialty occupation workers.”

You can apply for an E-visa on your own if you are outside of the country. This must be done at a United States Embassy. If you are already in the country, your employer must request a change in status or for an extension of stay.

E visas are nonimmigrant visas, which means they’re temporary. In order to be eligible, you must be a foreign national of a country which has some kind of commerce treaty with the United States. (You can find a complete list here.) You must also fulfill additional requirements depending on the classification:

E-1 classification

  • You take part in a substantial amount of trade
  • You take part in principal trade between the treaty country that qualified you for E-1 status and the United States

E-2 classification

  • You are currently investing in a serious capital project in the United States
  • You want to enter the country because you want direct access to the investment project

E-3 classification (Australian specialty occupation)

  • You must be a national of Australia
  • You have been offered legitimate employment in the United States
  • You are in possession of the required academic and professional credentials for the job
  • You are going to be working in a position that is deemed to be a specialty occupation

Applying for an E-Visa

If you are applying for E-1 or E-2 status from outside of the United States you cannot use Form I-129. Instead, you must follow instructions issued by the Department of State. Once you are issued a visa, you can then apply with an immigration officer at a United States port for entry on an E-1 or E-2 visa.

If you are applying for an E-3 visa outside of the country, you must complete Form I-129. If the application is approved, Form I-797 will be sent to your employer and then forwarded to you. Once the I-129 is approved you can then apply for the E-3 visa at an embassy or consulate outside of the country.

If you are applying for an E-1, E-2 or E-3 visa while in the United States, you can do so using Form I-129. You can complete the application, or have it completed for you on your behalf by your employer.

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